Commercial premises of all kinds need to incorporate all-weather spaces which will benefit both visitors and employees. Whether it’s a covered entrance, a seating area or a smoking shelter, we specialise in finding the perfect solution to your unique business needs.

Hotels and Pubs

A veranda is an ideal addition to a hotel, providing guests with sheltered external seating areas in the summer season, and protection from rain and snow in the winter. Your hotel’s new veranda will prepare your facilities for all weather conditions, further accommodating your guests and ensuring that they can enjoy your outside area at any time of year.

When it comes to pubs, restaurants and bars, a veranda makes a fantastic alternative to a conservatory or building extension. It allows you to offer guests an exterior space for Al fresco drinking and dining in the summer, and a sheltered congregation area all year-round. They can also be used as a smoking shelter.

verandas and canopies
verandas and canopies


From outdoor shelters to covered walkways, we can provide a sheltered area that can be used by pupils all year-round in all conditions. Whether used as an added shelter for break time or to host special events and classes, we’re able to quickly understand the needs of your institution whilst ensuring everything is made completely safe and secure.

We regularly work with nursery, primary & secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities across the country. We therefore understand the disruption that building an extension like this may cause – which is why we take care to be respectful professional at all times while working on your campus.

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