A chic and elegant veranda can really help to make your home look amazing and give it a new lease of life. Before you order one up though, you may wonder which is the right sort for you to buy. There is actually a good choice in this area and this makes picking the correct one essential.

But what are the different types of veranda to consider?

Hipped roof veranda

The hipped roof has multiple sides which are sloped and then join together to form a ridge at the top. Many people will choose this sort for the extra overhead space it offers and customised design possibilities.

Straight roof veranda

If you want traditional verandas which give a clean look and classic style, a straight roof could be the best choice. This type of veranda has an angled roof which gives ample shelter along the edge of any building.

Lean to veranda

If you merely want a small covered space outside your property, then why not go for a lean-to roof? Inexpensive and quick to erect, this sort of veranda is always popular.

Gable roof

If you want something that gives a more permanent feel, then the gable roof is a good option. This requires a more in-depth design process but does deliver lots of usable space and acts as a de facto extension to your home.

Apex roof veranda

If you prefer a more contemporary look, then the Apex roof is the best one to pick. It adds a real touch of modern chic to any building and can be designed to complement the shape it has.

Choosing the right sort is key

As you can see, there are many different kinds of veranda to choose from. Getting the right one for you really does come down to personal preference and what you will use it for. By picking one that matches this, you will have a veranda that delivers all you need.

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