Windows come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Choosing the right windows for your home requires plenty of research and thought. Get it right and you can drastically improve the kerbside appeal and value of your property, as well as making your home a more energy-efficient and well-lit property.

Before we look at the different types of windows that are available, here are four important factors you need to consider when choosing windows:


There’s a huge range of costs involved in buying windows. Make sure you have a set budget in your head and an upper limit you’re willing to go to. Also consider the durability of the windows, as regular replacements will cost you even more money.


Different types of windows may take different amounts of time to install. This is because of both the availability of materials and the variations in the installation process itself.


Do you want a classic or contemporary design? How will this affect the look of your property? Different styles can have different benefits to your property.

Energy efficiency

The thermal performance of your windows can make a huge difference to your energy costs. Choosing an energy-efficient window should be a high priority.

Taking all of that into account should help you to choose your ideal windows. Now let’s look at the different window options.

Different Types of Windows: Which Ones to Choose From? The Options:

Casement windows

A traditional and popular British option. Casement windows are ones that open to allow air to circulate around the property. There are different ways in which casement windows open including side hinges, top/bottom hung, sliding folding, and centre hinges. Large casement windows are usually the cheapest option and look great on traditional properties, whilst tilt and turn windows (which open inwards) work well on modern designs.

Fixed windows

Unlike casement windows, fixed windows do not open. They don’t provide any ventilation, but they do allow light to enter the property. Because there is no need for an opening mechanism, fixed windows offer a lot more scope for creative design. They can also be significantly cheaper.

Roof windows

Having a window on your roof is a great way of optimising the natural light in a property. Roof windows are also an option in rooms that do not allow for traditional window installations. There are different types of roof windows including skylights, which are often seen on the roofs of terraced houses, and roof lanterns – three-dimensional windows that maximise the natural allow coming in from your roof.

Bay windows

These form a recess within a room and project out from the face of the property. These are very popular in Edwardian and Victorian houses, but some modern properties incorporate them to allow for increased space.

Once you’ve chosen your window type, you also need to consider the issue of glazing. Triple glazing is fast becoming the most popular option for homeowners, as not only do they provide excellent insulation, but they also effectively reduce external noise levels. Ideal if you live near busy roads or train tracks.

A cheaper alternative is double glazing, whilst this doesn’t give you the same noise reduction or insulation levels, it is a cost-effective way of reducing heat loss.

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