When your home needs shelter and protection, adding a canopy is like an umbrella for your doorway. And if you’re looking to enhance kerb appeal, entrance canopies for residential properties make a beautiful addition. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to get the roof style right, so your veranda is as aesthetic as it’s practical.

If you’re thinking about adding a front door canopy to your home, don’t underestimate the difference the type of roof can make. We’ve taken a closer look at the design differences between hipped and apex or gable canopy roofs and their advantages for your property.

What are hipped and apex canopy roof styles?

The most common roofing style for a veranda in UK or canopy is an apex roof. Also known as a gable roof, the two slopes form a distinctive V shape and meet at a central ridge. The chances are, your home already has an apex roof making this the obvious choice for your door canopy. And the simplicity of the style makes it a good match for most types of property.

A hipped roof is a more complex roofing style composed of two sloping sides and two sloping ends, forming a pyramid shape at the ridgeline. This construction gives a hipped canopy extra rigidity compared to an apex roof. So if you’re looking to add traditional style to a period property, a hipped roof lends a distinct classic aesthetic.

So what are the advantages of hipped and apex roofs for your entrance canopy? 

Why choose a hipped roof?

Better protection

A hipped roof is self-bracing, so it’s the ideal choice to shield your home against high winds. And because the roof slopes in multiple directions, a hipped roof can be more protective and sheltering than an apex roof. A hipped roof is an intelligent choice if you’re looking for strength, durability, and weather resistance. 

Excellent drainage

Hipped roofs benefit from having four sloping sides, allowing them to drain quickly and easily. As a result, water won’t pool on your roof, avoiding the risk of leaks and stresses to the structure. 

Beauty and stability

The Egyptian Pyramids were built to withstand the onslaught of desert winds while looking highly impressive. One of the significant advantages of a hipped roof is its stability and strength, giving it exceptional wind resistance. And the classically elegant shape will enhance any home.

Why choose an apex roof?


The simplicity of an apex roof also makes it much more affordable than a complex hipped roof. The structure also requires fewer materials and is quicker to design and execute, so you can start enjoying the benefits of your door canopy sooner.

Protective and practical

Apex roofs are more steeply pitched than hipped roofs, allowing snow and rain to drain away quickly. So if you’re looking for a canopy that’s practical and protective against common weather hazards, an apex roof won’t let you down.

Modern and adaptable

The triangular shape of an apex roof is endlessly flexible and adaptable. Our bespoke steel or aluminium structures are sturdy and robust and look effortlessly modern. An apex roof is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an entrance canopy styled to complement any building.

Protection and kerb appeal with Verandas and Canopies

Whether you prefer a classic hipped roof canopy or a modern and versatile apex roof, an entrance canopy is a beautiful and practical addition to your home.

At Verandas and Canopies, we specialise in entrance canopies for residential, commercial and school buildings that provide protection and kerb appeal. Contact us today for your free quote!