From the Victorian era onwards, wrought iron fences have adorned property boundaries across Britain. Ornate, strong and protective, these domestic works of art demonstrate the pride that homeowners took in their small slice of England


Then came World War II and Lord Beaverbrook’s call for parks, homes and businesses to sacrifice their iron for the war effort. Wrought iron was cut down and fed to the blast furnace. In Birmingham, you can still spot the polished lumps of iron that were left behind, embedded in low stone walls that border front gardens across the city.


Few of these fences were replaced and the fences that survive are a reminder of the craftsmanship that was poured into homes before the age of mass construction.  Fortunately, in small pockets, a few firms have retained and developed the skills required to return the crowning glory of wrought iron fencing to period and contemporary homes alike.


Here are five reasons why every home should have one…


1. Kerb appeal

Ever heard the maxim ‘first impressions count’?

What buyers see when they approach your home sets the tone for their experience of the rest of the property. Wrought iron fencing and our range of bespoke steel and aluminium clad verandas shout quality and investment. They’ll be the first thing that buyers see, and the features they’ll remember.


2. Security

Whether you want to keep pets and children in or unwanted visitors out, a wrought iron fence is peerless in its strength and durability. You can’t beat the security and peace of mind that this level of strength brings. Ackerman, a world leader in home security, recommends close-barred wrought iron fencing to help keep intruders out whilst avoiding unsightly additions like razor wire or anti-climbing spikes.


3. Durability

There is no other material that can match the durability of wrought iron fencing. Once installed by a quality firm, you can expect your wrought iron fence to last a lifetime and beyond. Some of the longest-standing examples of wrought iron include New Orleans’ 17th century iron balconies and the ironwork of Notre Dame de Paris!


4. Boundary marking

Even the best-intentioned neighbours can allow boundaries to wander over time. Each time a storm hits and a wooden fence comes down and is reinstated, it’s not unusual for boundary lines to become a little blurred — and this can be a source of anxiety for homeowners. With a wrought-iron fence, you can be sure that your boundary will be indisputable: peace of mind in wrought iron form.  


5. Enjoyment

Practical, reliable, but also just beautiful, wrought iron fencing is renowned for its adaptability and creativity. Whatever style or structure you favour, from ornate to contemporary to traditional designs, wrought iron fencing will enhance and complement your home for years to come.


Verandas and Canopies

So there you have it. Practical, strong, secure and beautiful, wrought iron fencing is an unparalleled choice, bringing value, strength and safety to every home, everywhere.  

If you’re based in Birmingham and looking for a wrought iron fencing specialist, contact us today and ask for a quote. Our team would be delighted to help you with your project. Explore our website to learn more about how we can assist you.