One of the silver linings of staying at home during the lockdown, is the timely reminder of how much fun you can actually have as a family, in the confines of your own home. Especially if you make the most of any outdoor living space, using the protection of a garden canopy or even veranda!

In fact, the trend towards investing in making your garden into an additional ‘room’ for your home is long-established. Research shows that the majority of homeowners prioritise creating outdoor living space within their garden over improvement projects.


The joys of an external ‘room’

The reasons why people want to relax, entertain and eat outdoors are obvious. It makes a pleasant change from being inside (especially after a long period of confinement). You can enjoy fresh air and an ever-changing view of your garden and the area around your property. It’s also a great way of creating space if your house is a little cramped.

For others, investing in a stylish outdoor living area creates a fabulous place for family picnics and barbeques, parties and even romantic dinners for two!

Overcoming practical obstacles

Not everyone has extensive grounds to create an innovative outdoor living area. However, a bespoke veranda could be the ideal solution, as it hugs your home and still builds a wonderful amount of space to relax or socialise in.

Also, outdoor living can be seriously affected by the unpredictable UK weather! Traditional verandas make it possible to maximise your access to peace, fresh air and your view.

Even adding an attractive canopy to your patio, decking or other outdoor space means you can maximise its use year-round.

Smart landscaping with affordable outdoor structures can also add privacy and shade to your outdoor living activities, to help keep you out of sight from nosy neighbours

If the garden is your new ‘going out’, you might as well make the most of it.