Your garden canopy can be something of a haven when the sun begins beating down on you. The heat can very quickly get dizzying, making sunburn or sunstroke much more likely. But your garden canopy should be as beautiful as it is practical, so we’ve rounded up just a few garden canopy ideas UK residents can peruse to transform their lounge spaces into something truly magical.

Splash of colour

One of the best ways to make your garden canopy stand out among your already vibrant garden is to choose one that adds a splash of colour. Whether it be a popping red or a sunshine yellow, choosing a canopy in a bright shade could be that instant push your garden needs to make it truly Instagram-worthy.

Go rustic

The rustic aesthetic is one that emerged onto the interior design and garden scene a few years ago, and it’s proven to be immensely and consistently popular across the country. If you’re a fan of rustic, perhaps consider a wooden garden canopy. This is a durable and yet still attractive choice of canopy that will blend in with nature.

Sleek and modern

If rustic isn’t your style, then maybe opt for a more modern choice of garden canopy such as glass. This is a wonderful choice for those that love the sounds of nature, whether it be rain pounding down or the sweet patter of curious birds. Glass canopies are also a sleek choice for those that enjoy a minimalistic aesthetic.

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