The image of Juliet on her balcony is the epitome of romance. And adding a Juliet balcony to your home is a beautiful way to open up any upstairs space. This simple structure is a perfect way of bringing light into a room, opening up the indoors to the outdoors. Like a bespoke veranda, it’s an architectural feature that truly enhances your home. 


What is a Juliet balcony?

A compact Juliet balcony is ideal if you’re short on space but want to add an airy feel to your bedroom or home office. By adding a set of railings to a large window or French doors, you can safely enjoy all the benefits of a balcony or veranda without the hassles of construction and planning permission.


Getting the most out of your Juliet balcony

A Juliet balconette is a fantastic choice if you don’t have the budget or the space for a full-scale balcony or veranda. These are our favourite tips for making the best of this beautiful architectural feature:

Maximise the light

French doors are a traditional choice to maximise natural light, but there are other options when you want your balconette to shine. For example, sliding glass doors are a modern, space-saving option, while bi-fold doors really enhance the sense of space.

You could also consider doubling the aspect of your bedroom by adding a balconette. You’ll flood the room with natural light and cleverly benefit from a sense of increased space. And if the area is narrow, consider adding floor-to-ceiling French doors to open up the room further.

Set up a seating nook

You might not be able to sit out on your balcony, but setting up a seating nook still lets you enjoy the fresh air and far-reaching views. 

Another advantage of creating a seating nook is that you define the area. Your Juliet balcony becomes a destination space for coffee or curling up with a good book, not just another window.

Go green

Adding green plants to your space is an effortless way to bring the outdoors inside. So consider adding window boxes or planters to your Juliet balcony to soften any hard edges. Keep the country cottage look with vibrant geraniums or nasturtiums. Or go contemporary with ivy and succulents for an urban vibe. 

Enhance the aesthetics

When you’re considering the design of your faux balcony, work with your home’s strengths. For example, a Juliet balcony in an eaves loft extension has the strongest impact if it takes centre stage. And if you have a dormer window, a Juliet balcony with bifold doors adds extra space and much-needed ventilation in the summer.

It’s also worth considering the aspect of your home. For example, a balcony on a north-facing wall tends to be in the shade most of the day, while a south-facing balcony will make the most of the morning and evening sun.

Frame a view

A Juliette balcony with glass doors is the perfect way to frame a spectacular view. So whether you’re seeking inspiration at your home office desk or waking up to a gorgeous vista, a balconette is a stunning addition to your space.


Why choose Verandas and Canopies?

At Verandas and Canopies, our unparalleled abilities to craft your Juliet balcony from start to finish make us the obvious choice. 

Our steel framed balconies are manufactured in-house so that we can accommodate all your design choices. And if you prefer a full-scale wrought-iron balcony or a veranda with a canopy, we can fabricate and install one for you. 

Contact us for your free quote today, and find out more about having your veranda or balcony installed to perfection.