French doors are an exterior design classic for a reason. They’re practical and easy to use, and add that all-important natural light to brighten up a room and help you feel connected to the outside world. 

What are French doors?

French doors are usually a pair of internal or external doors which open outwards from the middle, although they can also be a single door. They can be simple panes of glass, or incorporate a pattern to create a more interesting focal point for the room. French doors are loved for their space-saving design, and the way they make the two spaces they separate feel more connected. 

Getting the most out of your French doors

Once you’ve decided to incorporate French doors into your décor, there are a few simple ways you can maximise their impact. Here are our favourite tips:

Bring the outside in

The first clear benefit to having French doors between your home and garden is that you can appreciate your outdoor space. Especially if you’ve worked hard on a beautiful landscape! You get the joy of the garden without the usual drawbacks of sitting or eating outside, like the changing weather or noisy neighbours. 

However, this isn’t the only way French doors help you to connect with nature. More natural light in a room means that houseplants will thrive, allowing the nature-loving aesthetic to carry on throughout the room. A tall plant on either side of the French doors, for example, will create impact. They’ll draw the eyes not only to your new doors but to the views on the other side, too.


A great way to make the most of your French doors is to position the area where the family or guests can gather next to them. This creates an ideal entertaining space where you can watch the kids in the garden, or appreciate the sunrise or sunset while enjoying the privacy and warmth of being inside.


A statement mirror is an interior design go-to for its ability to make a room look brighter, airier and even bigger when carefully placed to reflect the natural light. Once your French doors are installed, it’s a simple and hugely effective trick to hang a mirror, or mirrors, opposite them to flood your whole space with natural daylight. 

Don’t forget dressing

Your French doors are going to be a big feature in your room, so how you dress them is essential for maximising their aesthetic value. 

Full-length curtains are extra versatile. Sleek pleated curtains in neutral shades add a simplistic elegance, while more draped styles in deeper colours complement a more dramatic décor. It’s also very effective to choose a brightly coloured or patterned fabric for your curtains, to make the most of the focal point already created by your French doors.

If curtains aren’t for you, you could opt for a chic modern look with some shutters. Or, if you’re feeling bold, shun the classic white in favour of painting your French doors black or another statement colour, then leave them without a covering for maximum impact.

Why choose Verandas and Canopies?

At Verandas and Canopies, our knowledge of contemporary construction methods means that you get classic French door designs that are secure, reliable and beautiful.

If you decide that a French door is just what your property needs to bring it all together, you will enjoy the same tailored and expert service that our customers have come to rely on for years.

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