As a business owner, installing a veranda or canopy might not be the most obvious ploy to boost your profits, but there are plenty of convincing reasons to go down this route. Here are just some of them.

Extend your operations

Hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes can help to extend their operations by installing a patio veranda outside their premises. This allows customers to drink, eat or entertain, whatever the weather, bringing more trade to your door. It will also appeal to those customers who smoke. As well as increasing trade, having the option to wine and dine outdoors helps to create an ambient setting that will bolster your kerb appeal.


A door and window canopy is not only attractive to look at, but it can provide a welcoming entrance for any visitors to your business premises. With first impressions counting, making your entrance as eye-pleasing as possible is key to getting customers and clients on board. An industrial canopy shelter can even be incorporated to include your branding on it, making it a highly effective marketing tool.


A commercial canopy can prove useful to businesses that may need to store items from wet and windy weather, such as pallets, boxes or containers. It may be a more cost-effective solution than having to purchase a separate warehouse, garage or container.


A canopy or veranda provides a dry and designated place for those workers who take a cigarette break.


Awnings and canopies not only provide useful shade for those sitting underneath them, but if they are attached to the side of the building, they can also reduce glare from the sun for those sitting inside the main building. This creates a more comfortable working environment. It also reduces the need for having to install blinds, which effectively shut out natural daylight.