A glass veranda, also known as a glass room, is an attractive choice for a veranda. It gives you the option to extend your living space and create an enclosed and functional space. A glass veranda allows you to immerse yourself in your garden and enjoy the outdoors and maximise natural light, without being fully exposed to the elements. We use glass panels and glass sliding doors supported by a steel or aluminium frame to erect your veranda.

Our glass verandas are able to be constructed as a standalone room option or as a lean-to system attached to your existing property. The result is a veranda which will quickly become a natural addition to your property – one which you can utilise all year-round.

Why Choose a Glass Veranda?

Natural Light

A glass veranda allows an abundant amount of natural light into your living space creating a bright and relaxing functional area.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

A glass veranda blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, extending your living area and providing a sheltered spot to enjoy fresh air, nature, and outdoor activities while remaining protected from the elements. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek and modern design of a glass veranda can enhance the overall aesthetics of your property creating a stylish space for entertaining, working or relaxing.

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