Composite doors are a fantastic investment for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their front or back door. Composite doors boast many advantages over the likes of uPVC and wooden doors, whilst maintaining a good price to performance ratio. Whilst the likes of uPVC and wooden doors can be a good choice for your home, these materials inherently offer a range of disadvantages that can result in costly consequences in both the short and long term. Composite doors combine these materials to enhance their positive aspects, whilst mitigating their shortcomings.

By combining both uPVC and wooden components, composite doors offer a modern take on traditional styles, whilst improving security and affordability. Composite doors offer great longevity, whilst requiring very little maintenance. Whereas UPVC and wooden doors can begin to look dated over time, with paint chipping or wood rotting away, composite doors combine the best elements of both materials so that they can appear brand new for years and years.

Composite doors are also a fantastic choice for security. Reinforced materials provide strength and quality to the door. Combined with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms within the door itself, composite doors are fantastic at keeping intruders out of your home and deterring potential thieves.

Yet another advantage of composite doors is their excellent ability to retain heat within your home. This results in lower energy bills for the same level of warmth within your home, saving you money over the long term.

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