Has the exceptionally hot British summer got you looking at awnings and canopies for your home? As soon as the temperature goes up, we all love to top up our tans and bask in the sun’s rays, but it’s important to cool down in a nice shady spot too. A canopy provides the perfect spot to relax in the shade, host a barbecue or take cover when those inevitable summer showers come. Whether you’re thinking of a patio door canopy or wooden garden canopy, here are all the things you should bear in mind before making your canopy ideas a reality!


This is maybe the most important factor to consider. Thoroughly consider the space you think would benefit most from a canopy, how many people you hope to fit under the canopy and what they’ll be doing under it.

The element

It is inevitable that any canopy, especially non-retractable and permanent varieties, will have to deal with some rain and even snow. Consider a position where this might be less of a problem, as you wouldn’t want your canopy to suffer damage from the added weight. You could also consider draining options to keep your canopy in pristine condition.

Types of canopies

– Straight roof: Provides a sleek, sloped roof along the building exterior.
– Hipped roof: Offers more overhead space that can be tailored to complement the existing building.
– Gable roof: Requires a complex design process to create a permanent outdoor living space.
– Lean-to roof: A simple and inexpensive option to add shelter to a back or side door.
– Apex roof: A modern alternative to outdoor shelter, designed to complement the building’s shape.

There’s a style of canopy to suit your particular needs, whatever they may be. Choose wisely and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that you can use all year round.