There are many types of gates to choose from for your home. But which ones offer the best security to keep intruders out and give you peace of mind? As well as material, there are a few other aspects to think about when it comes to choosing secure gates. Let’s take a look at what to consider when selecting the best residential security gates for your property.

What are you trying to protect against?

When choosing residential security gates, the first thing to think about is the security level you need in your specific neighbourhood. Do you live in an area with a low crime rate? If so, the visual presence of a gate may be enough to deter intruders. Not only does opening a gate draw attention to a potential burglar and slow them down, but it also obscures their view, making it more difficult for opportunistic thieves to scope your property out.

However, if you live in an area where there’s a higher risk of break-ins, you might want to look at sturdier options with added security features. A residential security gate can also slow intruders down on the way out if they do somehow gain access.

Security features

A sturdy gate certainly offers some security (read on to find out which material is most robust!) However, if you would like to install extra security features, you might want to look at gate automation and access control. For instance, you could set up an intercom system so you can speak directly to any visitors or fit a keypad with a passcode.

What’s the best material for residential security gates?

Residential gates are available in an array of materials — from glass and wood to steel and aluminium. Each type of gate has its own merits, and you want to look for something well-constructed and sturdy.

Wooden gates can bring a lovely traditional look but do require regular maintenance and upkeep. Aluminium gates are a cost-effective, long-lasting option that can be a great addition to modern properties. However, if you have a more traditional home, you may prefer a different material.

One such option is wrought iron — a robust and durable metal that will last for years. It’s resistant to dents, warping and shock damage, so you can have peace of mind knowing your property is secure. As it’s an alloy, it’s also rust-resistant. As well as being excellent for security, wrought iron gates give your home a distinguished aesthetic. They can suit a variety of property styles — both modern and traditional.

What’s more, wrought iron gates are available at different heights, so you can ensure the barrier is too high for intruders to climb over. Paired with a wrought iron fence, this kind of residential security gate is an extremely effective option.

Fencing with spike top railings not only adds a touch of grandeur but can also make it more difficult for people to climb the fence or gate.

Bespoke wrought iron gates

At Verandas and Canopies, our wrought iron fencing and gates are designed for longevity, giving you peace of mind and the best value for your budget

Our expert team can measure and fit gates to bring security to a range of property styles. Whether you need smaller wrought iron garden gates or large ones at the end of your drive, we can come up with the perfect bespoke solution.

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