Man-made materials have become the go-to materials for windows. This is particularly obvious in new housing projects.

Some homeowners, however, especially those living outside of the city, have always prefered to use natural materials due to their benefits when building traditional verandas or a garden canopy.

Advantages of choosing all-wood windows

1. Aesthetics

All-wood windows, and wooden frames in general, are highly eye-catching and make your property stand out.

The aesthetic of wooden materials, combined with the durability offered by the timber, makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to provide their property with a rustic touch.

2. Environment-friendly

All-wood materials are much more environment-friendly compared to man-made materials.

Unlike PVCu,  wooden materials come with a negative global warming potential, meaning that over time they are capable of reducing the CO2 particles from the environment.

It takes up to seven times more energy to fabricate a PVCu window frame than a wood one.

3. Durability

Wooden materials and all-wood windows can last for many years, while the average man-made material would probably last less than 20 years. That’s why wood is the preferred material not only for window frames but also for verandas and garden canopies.

4. Wood is a natural insulator

Wood can act as a natural insulator and can retain the heat within your house, keeping the temperature comfortable.

In turn, wood allows you to reduce the emissions of carbon while helping you reduce your electricity bill.

5. Performance

Wood windows and wooden materials are not necessarily more expensive than man-made materials like PVCu.

Given the sheer array of types of wood you can choose from, from maple to mahogany, you can be sure that it will last longer than any other type of material.

Wooden materials and all-wood windows are an important investment. They can add value to your property, help you reduce fuel bills and keep the temperature in your home warm. Additionally, when given the right maintenance and thanks to their time-tested durability, wood windows can last for a lifetime.