You don’t need to live in a palace or mansion to enjoy the benefits of a balcony. Enhancing the appearance of your home is surprisingly affordable – thanks to a range of products that can be made to suit varying budgets.

One of the more popular options is the Juliet Balcony Instead of extending, this feature is purely decorative and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home (while increasing its resale value).

In this guide we’ll:

  • Explain what a Juliet balcony is
  • Outline the benefits of fitting one

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What Is a Juliet Balcony?

You can’t walk out onto a Juliet balcony. Instead, it’s an aesthetic feature designed to transform the inside and outside of your home. Rather than having a protruding deck, it involves connecting a balustrade to the building facade and usually has large windows or patio doors.

So, why install one? Surely the whole point of a balcony is to provide an extra space for relaxing or socialising on?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of installing a false balcony.

1. Keep Family and Visitors Safe

On a hot summers day, you don’t want to be stuck indoors. Even with the fan on full blast, your home will feel like a tinder box and you’ll want nothing more than to open your windows and let in some cool air.

If you have children or pets, an open window poses a risk. A Juliet balcony overcomes this problem by acting as a barrier that prevents smaller family members coming to harm.

2. You Don’t Need Planning Permission

If you want to extend your home or build a garden office, you’ll need to apply for planning permission. Your construction will also need to meet building regulations. All of this takes time and there’s no guarantee of success.

A Juliet balcony can be fitted without contacting your local authority. Simply find a local installer, accept their quote, and agree on a date for work to commence.

3. Improve Your Home’s Market Value

At some point, you may move. Enhancing your property will put prospects in a buying frame of mind before they’ve set foot inside. Repointing brickwork and investing in a new roofline are two steps you could take to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

You could also install a Juliet balcony to add a touch of character to your home and elevate it above others in your road. Meanwhile, your internal rooms will be brighter and feel more spacious.

4. Let Light In

Juliet balconies are accompanied by floor-to-ceiling windows or large patio doors that convert dark and dreary rooms into bright positive spaces. If you have an apartment that doesn’t receive a huge amount of natural light, installing a Juliet balcony could give you the sunlight and illumination you’ve been looking for.

5. Keep Your Home Cool and Fresh

What’s more, you can fling your balcony windows wide open to let in a cool, refreshing breeze. They’re ideal for ensuring your rooms don’t feel hot and stuffy in the summer.

6. Get Outstanding Views of The Outdoors

More glass equates to better views. Even in autumn and winter, you’ll feel connected to the outdoors. Filling your rooms with light can dispel the gloom and put you in a more positive frame of mind.

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