Have you ever considered getting a veranda for your school? As it turns out, a simple change like adding a veranda or canopy can open up a range of possibilities for pupils and teachers alike. Here are seven reasons why we think a veranda can be a great addition to your school.

1. Extra room

The first benefit of a veranda is really quite simple: it gives you extra room to use year-round. If you have some spare outdoor space that isn’t seeing much use, then a veranda will stop that space from going to waste. Alternatively, a covered veranda in UK can make a current outside space more comfortable during those classic UK winter months.

2. It’s cheaper than a full extension

A veranda gives you the benefits of an extra room for a fraction of the cost of a full extension. They’re lightweight and cost-effective but still give you more space. Ultimately, you can save money to put where you need it most.

3. You’ll be protected from wind and rain

The unpredictable British weather means that outdoor play can be a good idea one moment, and a terrible idea the next. A veranda protects you from the elements and means that a bad turn of the weather won’t interrupt your plans.

4. Outdoor activity opportunities

The early years of life are vital stages of learning, which is why it’s the best time to get young children outside and experiencing the world. A veranda provides a space that is both outdoors and sheltered, making it a perfect space to grow plants or do craft activities. It’s essentially an outdoor classroom!

5. Helps indoors stay clean

Children love to get messy, which is a boatload of fun for them, but perhaps less fun for the adults who have to clean up after them. A veranda can help the interior of your school stay cleaner by providing a place to remove muddy shoes or wet raincoats. Alternatively, it can be a great space for messy craft activities — no need to worry about paint or clay on the floor. It saves you cleaning up time and gives you peace of mind.

6. Storage space

You can also use your veranda for storage. A veranda with a canopy is especially useful for outdoor equipment that can’t be stored indoors but needs to stay dry.

7. Improved aesthetics

Not all the benefits of a veranda have to do with functionality. They’re also a good aesthetic choice for a school, bringing a refined look to the exterior of a building and bridging the gap between the inside and outside. It’s a plus for the pupils and teachers who study, play, and work in the building, but it’s also a positive when it comes to making a good impression on prospective pupils and parents.

Verandas can come in a range of designs and materials to suit your building, so you’re sure to be able to find a design that perfectly complements your school. Why not explore our range? Whether you’re after a steel veranda, an aluminium veranda, or a timber one, we’re sure you’ll find one that looks great, stands strong, and offers shelter.

Verandas & Canopies: how we can help

If you’re searching for the ideal veranda in Birmingham, look no further than Verandas & Canopies. With three decades of experience fitting verandas in schools and homes, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and tailor our service.

If you think a veranda could be right for your school, we’re always happy to help. Just get in touch and speak to a member of our team today for a free quote.