The school environment needs to be welcoming, safe and practical for children to be able to learn to the best of their ability. A huge part of this learning takes place outdoors, and this is why schools need to embrace the use of awnings, shelters and canopies. Below we share some ideas on the best canopies and shelters for schools to use.

Outdoor shelter

A commercial canopy or veranda that is constructed from polycarbonate with an aluminium frame can create a sturdy and safe outdoor shelter for children (and parents) to wait under during rainy weather, or for storing bikes and scooters.

The covered walkway

It can be a huge advantage to have a covered walkway in a school that has separate buildings. Children are kept dry and comfortable, and as a result, they are more focused on learning. These walkways are usually constructed with an aluminium frame, although they can be made from treated wood.

Canopy for outdoor learning

Canopies are being increasingly used for outdoor learning spaces, especially in the early key stage years. Children can grow vegetables and plants in containers, while seating and desks remain dry and damp free.

Veranda for outdoor dining

A veranda that is constructed from aluminium with polycarbonate sheeting can be used as an additional dining space during dry weather. It can also double up as an outdoor learning shelter.

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